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Drawing Rachael’s Sigil

I woke up at 4AM, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I finally got up at 5. I took a shower, had breakfast, and went back to bed. Dream I’m a guest in someone’s mansion. A noise started blasting, and I was like, is that my phone alarm? I go [...]

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Viking Village

I had the intention of feeling through the illusory dream environment next time I’m lucid, to find something that’s real and not an illusion. Before I went to sleep this night I also went over in my mind how it’s ok to allow the feeling of losing my balance or [...]

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Underground and Flying Around

Projection I’m running around some wilderness, all over the place, just for the sake of covering ground and checking out the dream environment. I run up a hill and have to keep stopping to rest for a few seconds. I stop and think, Why am I resting? It’s a habit [...]

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Jumping off Balcony

First, a little background on method. That’s what important, right? Last night as I woke once I bolted up and put my feet on the floor. I looked around. Definitely physically awake. Or that was my conclusion. Looking back, I don’t know for sure. Anyway, then I went back to [...]

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Brief OBE, Asking for Help

I wake up and go pee and drink water. I go back to sleep, and my alarm wakes me up shortly after again. I decide not to get up and go back to sleep. Projection I wake up to check my phone, and my phone looks different. It’s square shaped. [...]

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New Cross-Country Record

Before the experience last night, I woke to a non physical sound, and I got scared at the shadows around me. That doesn’t normally happen. I’m not totally sure whether I’m awake. I got up to go pee. I’m pretty sure I was awake and did go pee, but I’m [...]

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Meditation and Hypnagogic Images

This morning after peeing I lied back down to bed and visualized. I entered a light hypnagogic state, which I do more often than full blown lucid dreams with complete environments. Meditative State I read a few words here and there in some book, keep losing it but keep seeing [...]

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A Child Helping Me Exit

I woke around 7am, pee, drink water, laid back down. I do the cycling technique with vibrations, rolling, and visualization. Visualizations come. I feel uncomfortable and want to move. My belly also aches a little, maybe from having drank over two liters of sparking mineral water that afternoon, but the [...]

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