I woke around 7am, pee, drink water, laid back down. I do the cycling technique with vibrations, rolling, and visualization. Visualizations come. I feel uncomfortable and want to move. My belly also aches a little, maybe from having drank over two liters of sparking mineral water that afternoon, but the other discomfort is separate. I commit to ignoring it for a moment, and after a few cycles I’m in a dream.

Pre-Projection Dream

A young kid like 5 years old accomplished something small, and I was walking with him. I said “high five!” and he holds out one fingerand I hit it.


I become lucid, lying down and holding the same kind of hand of a child.

“Hold on a little tighter,” I say, preparing myself.

I ask him that because I feel like it’s going to be one of those things where I wake up grasping and there’s nothing there. So I want him to anchor me there himself by being the one doing the squeezing, instead of me grasping to squeeze and waking myself up.

He kind of squeezes but not tight. I figure, ok, that’s all I’m gonna get. It’s enough, and I am able to stand up.

I’m pretty sure I’m nonphysical. I’m in the house I grew up in, standing up from lying on the couch. I’m still holding the child’s hand, kind of holding it in front of my chest in an odd way, without him there.

I let go of his hand, as I don’t feel like he’s there, and it was just something to assist me.

I walk over to the steps to the kitchen and feel the floor under my feet. My eyes are closed and I can’t see, but I sense where the steps are anyway and step up the few steps.

I walk over to the fridge, still blind, and know when to stop and put my hand out to where the fridge is. I touch it. I wonder whether the fridge is actually there in any way or if it’s purely my imagination in this experience. I walk over to the back door and work on opening my eyes gently. I can see light from maybe my physical eyelids cracking open, but I concentrate on my footsteps in this environment to stay anchored, which does seem to help. I figure I probably don’t want my eyes to open or it’s going to be my physical eyes opening.

In a few seconds I can finally see and step outside to the back porch. . At this point I’m thinking I must have transitioned physically, like I must have been sleepwalking before but now I’m physically awake. So I’m losing some lucidity here.

But still I don’t question why I’m at that location and that that’s not where I physically went to sleep. I hop off the back porch and to the grass. The grass and everything seems so real, maybe a little sparkly, but that’s what morning dew does, right? Kind of.

I glance over and see my mom kind of hanging off the door, leaning back, almost dancing, and I was like, there we go, that isn’t right, this is a dream.

But I have to pee. I know it’s not going to help if I have to physically pee and I try peeing here, but I figure, what the hell, I’ll try anyway and see what happens. I don’t ever pee my pants when I pee in a dream, so it should be ok. Maybe I only have to nonphysically pee. So I pee on the lawn and wake up.

My Thoughts

No wonder I don’t manage to get into that state very often, the way I felt uncomfortable beforehand and kind of wanted to move. When I stand up in the dream state, it’s often without thinking about it, it’s just an urge I’m acting on without any thought of having an OBE, although I believe seeding that intention the night before does help.

The child’s hand not really squeezing mine might have been because it was physically my other hand, and my fingers of my hands were interlocked on my abdomen.