I wake up and go pee and drink water. I go back to sleep, and my alarm wakes me up shortly after again. I decide not to get up and go back to sleep.


I wake up to check my phone, and my phone looks different. It’s square shaped. That tips me off that I’m dreaming.

I notice my physical vision, or so I assume it is, is looking at one spot while non physically I slowly balance up on my knees and stand up. The vision goes away and it’s dark.

I ask for help from my higher self, which I had been intending to do, as per Robert Monroe’s experience. I stand in the darkness and silence and I get nothing.

I jump up to try to go through the ceiling, and my hands touch the solid ceiling and I fall back down. I think of my body as so light it can float up to the ceiling, and it does. I try to push my hands through it and still they don’t go through. Finally I push hard enough to smash my way through, but as I’m doing so I wake up.