Floating with Control

I’m floating around above a forested, mountainous area in Italy. No idea where; I’ve never been there.

I’ll practice flying around! I sometimes have trouble moving around in a dream environment, where I will try to walk or fly or teleport but my perspective doesn’t change.

I’m already moving a bit, so I just need to control it. I have no body movement, and maybe no body, but my location is moving around the hills smoothly but slowly. Focusing on where I want to go doesn’t help. I focus on seeing the other side of a mountain that I’m on one side of, and my course is smoothly altered to bring me into the right spot. So that worked. I practice doing that some more with success, ignoring where I am currently and focusing on the perspective I want to see from another nearby area.

Trying to Rocket Away

I try doing what I did last week, blasting off like a rocket out of the dream world, but as I raise my arms above my head, I immediately wake up.

Oops. I lower my arms back down. I sure woke up quick that time.

Wait, am I awake? Better make sure. I start to roll out of bed —

Ok, I’m still dreaming! I have the disconnected feeling that I pretty much always get when I roll out this way.

I stand up and walk to the front door. Well, I could try blasting off again.

OR…. OR I could walk around naked!! (oops, I seem to have lost my focus)

I pull off my clothes and open the door. I peek out. This is a dream, right? I better not be awake. Ok, my neighbor’s house is the wrong color, I’m good.

I step out and start to lose it from here…

Awake Notes

I should have guessed I was still asleep when I raise my arms above my head, because I would have touched my bed’s headboard.

Anyway, I’ll keep trying the rocket thing. I also didn’t do it right. I didn’t pull my energy together and didn’t focus on where I wanted to go.