I had the intention of feeling through the illusory dream environment next time I’m lucid, to find something that’s real and not an illusion. Before I went to sleep this night I also went over in my mind how it’s ok to allow the feeling of losing my balance or falling over, and that I need to allow it, not trying to catch myself, so that I can smoothly separate.

Non-Lucid Dream

I am sitting in a class, like in college. I can’t really see anything but am just aware that’s where I am, sitting at a desk. I feel like I’m dreaming and want to fly through the ceiling. I stand up, jump up a foot or two, and come back down. I feel like I must look stupid to the other kids in the class. I still couldn’t see or hear them. I let myself fall over slowly, losing my balance, and it takes a while but I finally softly fall to the floor, soft enough that I know it’s a dream.


I’m lying down and think, oh, I’m in a dream! This is my chance to stand up, just like I always do to orient myself here and get it going.

So I stand up, feel my feet on a wood floor. My apartment has a wood floor too, but this one just keeps going. I feel like it will probably keep going as long as I keep walking on it. I can’t see anything. I’m waiting for my vision to kick in as it always does after a moment. I feel my body lying asleep but concentrate on the feeling of my feet on the floor, taking steps and also standing in place hopping a little bit to really feel the pressure and sensation of my feet on the floor.

Then the room springs to life. I’m in a very nice, bright house, decorations around, although I don’t remember any of them except some rugs and perhaps a fireplace and the bed I stood up from. There are multiple multi-pane windows. It’s sunny outside.

I ask, What does all this mean? Nothing happens, and I discard the question.

I like the environment so much that I want to explore it, not escape it to find something else like usual. To leave, I don’t bother using a door. I walk up to the wall to walk through it and bump against it. I know it’s just me stopping me from doing it. I put my palms together and stick them into the wall and as I walk through it, parting my hands, all just as if I’m walking through a bead curtain.

That works well, so once outside I use the same method to walk through tall fences or whatever else. I’m in a Viking village. Vikings are around. But it’s also like a prison, with all these fences. There’s a large steel box, like a control unit of some sort, with switches and dials on it. I know I can walk right through that and I do, walking into the center of it. Other than that I’m not interested in it.

I start to lose lucidity and start scheming to overthrow a king. I have a plan and I tell a couple friends including Floki (a character from the show Vikings), asking how I might reach everyone, like with a megaphone or talk to them all during lunch when they’re together. Floki immediately betrays me, standing up and shouting something to others about the line of succession. It should make me angry, but I’m detached enough that it just puzzles me exactly what he means or exactly what I was planning.

I’m walking out of the village, and there are two men who are out there waiting to kill me. But they don’t. I’m not worried about it. I start to lose my place of where I am, where the two men are, and the environment.

I’m sitting at a computer now, watching and controlling this all from there as it happens on screen. I’m more lucid again, and it seems weird to me that I’m doing it this way instead of everything happening around me. But I’m ok with it, for now. Maybe I will be immersed again in a moment.

I come to a river, crossing on a large wooden bridge. I marvel at how this lucid dream is lasting a while, like my last one, with several parts to it.

I suddenly feel like going for a swim. I look down, and the water is only a couple feet deep. Still, I think it’s enough for me to get underwater and swim and check out what’s down there. I’m excited about it. I’m wearing clothes, but I know that’s meaningless. I can discard them with a thought. So I jump from the bridge, imagining that I’m only wearing swim trunks as I hit the water.

I sink down deep into the water, as it’s quite deep now. I feel my shirt ride up on me and think, shoot, my clothes didn’t disappear. I wonder if I should have done it differently. I think, well, maybe this is about shedding myself of something, and I have to go through the motions of it to help make it real for whatever it is in my life or in me that needs to be shed. Or maybe I just haven’t learned enough control to disappear my clothes? I take a moment to pull off my shirt and pants, leaving just my underwear.

I’m standing by the river. It has shrunk to only a stream, not enough to swim in. I look up and down the river but can’t tell which direction is upstream or which direction I should go. I start moving with it in one direction as it winds its way between some hills.

I start losing the environment.


I feel my physical body lying asleep. I hardly have any sense of the dream environment left, so I let it go and sit up.