Dreaming is misunderstood.

The experience we call dreaming is dismissed as something we do when we check out at night to keep our minds occupied, mere thoughts and nothing more. Or in waking life when we desire something that seems out of reach we say we’re “dreaming” of having it, downplaying the word again as childish and unpractical.

Certainly our dreams are heavily influenced by our subconscious thoughts. But there is more to them.

Humans are powerful, creative beings who regularly create and influence reality in ways we are not given credit for by our modern mainstream society. We experience physical reality in our physical bodies, and we are taught that it is the only legitimate reality. That is a very limited view of reality. We do ourselves a disservice by buying into those teachings.

When we experience various types of intuition, connections to people and places, emotions, and even any thoughts, we are partially operating in other dimensions.

Dreams are our powerful creative forces at work. We play and get lost in dream realities that come and go at our whim. There is huge potential there in harnessing our power and finding out what we can really do.