First, a little background on method. That’s what important, right?

Last night as I woke once I bolted up and put my feet on the floor. I looked around. Definitely physically awake. Or that was my conclusion. Looking back, I don’t know for sure.

Anyway, then I went back to sleep so I could try again. That’s how I do it, sleep for a while and then instantly bolt out of bed as soon as I become aware again. It’s worked many times now.

The thing that’s stopped me from doing this every night is I’m so sleepy and I don’t have the willpower to try. It takes a surge of energy to force myself to jump up right away, and I believe that this quick use of energy is key to why it works for me. I believe when I am physically waking up I become aware BEFORE being physically awake (and I doubt I’m unique), and if I quickly move during that critical period then I induce an instant separation. So I don’t know, try it and see.


I bolt upright for a second time. I swing my feet over, kick my feet forward and am standing on the floor in one motion. As I do that, it was so smooth and effortless that it was confirmation I’m in a dream. Still, I feel as if I’m still separating.

I crouch on the floor and take a few seconds to shake off my “physical” body (i’m confused) and stand up out of it. This is not my apartment. It’s similar to one I used to live in, but not quite.

I walk to the patio, jump onto the railing, and do a big jump forward off it, through the building next door. I intend to pass through the building as if it weren’t there, and that’s what I do, sensing it around me as I go through It, and in a few seconds I land on the ground.

I wake up.

My Thoughts

Regarding having to shake off my body, I know now that my physical body was still lying asleep in bed and had not moved. My feeling at the time was I still had to get out of it. Was that the “first astral body” or whatever Monroe called it? Or was I so present that I had a strange idea that I still needed to separate when I already was separated? Or was I truly feeling my physical body, even though I was confused on its position, and I needed to take a moment to fully transition? That last hypothesis would be consistent with my past experiences of my vision requiring a moment to transition away from my physical eyes.