Non Lucid Dream

I am sleeping. My mom wakes me up and tells me it’s time to get up and goes back down the hallway. I glance at my clock. It’s 7:30. I’m going to be late for school. I’m in the house I grew up in. I blink and it’s 7:40. I blink again, and it’s 7:46, 7:47, 7:48. I realize I’m in a dream.

Semi Lucid Dream

I hop up and run to the kitchen. I start hopping around, making big floaty hops that can only be in a dream. I tell my mom it’s a dream, see? She becomes occupied with making small floaty hops in wonder.

I ignore her and dart out of the house, not even using a door, just being intent on finding something else. This is an illusion, and I’m going to keep moving until I find what isn’t.

I stop. Running has not worked before. I ask for help from my guides, from my higher self, from anyone. I repeat it, over and over. I start shouting it, but the most I can manage is a whisper. I feel that that’s fine. Any louder and maybe I’d be waking myself up.

Something is wrong with my vision. I can only see out of my right eye. I examine it, and I have physical awareness enough to see my room of my current home out of my eyes from where I’m lying down asleep. I’m sleeping on my side, and my left eye is in my pillow. I hop upright again non physically and walk around, to move my attention back non physically. My physical vision is still dominating mostly, but I know I just need a moment to adjust. I keep saying “clarity”, and as I do so it seems to help bring things out around me.

I resume asking for help.

The scene finally changes. I walk into some kind of well-lit bar with aliens from all over. I came with a few friends. I start grabbing all the pretty women. Some respond well, some don’t. I notice that I have no inhibitions when in a dream like this. I take a second to wonder why it is I feel that way. I realize I’m in a dream, but the urge is so intense. After I start thinking about that, one of my friends explains to another patron that that’s the way I am, I have no inhibitions when I’m in a dream.

I grab the wrong woman and piss off a bunch of Vikings. They start shooting arrows at me. I kind of feel the arrows, but I’m fine, and I get out of there quickly.

Me and my group of friends are on a dirt road in the forest. We had moved there instantly, as the nonphysical dimensions work, but we have to keep moving, because the Vikings somehow followed us There are some harmless looking people coming the other way. We move through them as they pass, and then I have a thought and tell the last one, “Fight the Vikings for us!”. I expect they should obey, because I’m in control of this. And we continue on.

We reach an office building with a business in it. We get hired, just like that.

We have now been there for some time. I work in the QA department.

I have a female cousin who works there. I think that’s kind of unbelievable, but for the sake of the story we’re telling I allow it. She and I and my friends are involved in something secret that I don’t remember the details of.

My cousin is upset about something. I care about her and spend some time talking with her. I also talk about how I had spent some time in jail, and I’m still trying to be a better person and not be who I was that led me to do things that put me in jail.

I ask about the Vikings. 96 Vikings and 95 of the other people have died. No, actually it’s 96 million and 95 million have died. I’m amazed at the numbers.

Something happens to where we start to become exposed. The media comes, with cameras, and we cover our faces with masks to hide our identities. One cameraman yanks down my mask and snaps a picture. I know I’m going to have to find him and do something about it before it gets out.

One of my friends I came with is talking to a coworker in the building’s courtyard. I’m not there, but I’m observing the scene. The coworker angrily confronts her and says, “You were more metal when you came here,” implying that this isn’t who she is.

So my friend grows metal wings, turning into a metal creature that she was before, and then into a teapot, then a bunch of bananas, then back to herself. She’s a shapeshifter. That’s the type of thing we do, when we’re in control of this place.

The coworker is a little scared. The display of shapeshifting didn’t seem to reassure her of anything. It probably made it worse.

I find my friend in a bathroom stall, killing someone if I remember right. I stand in front of her stall to block the view of passersby.

Now my friends have have tossed the bodies of a group of prostitutes into a concrete stairway entrance going underground. They’re destroying evidence. They pour oil down on them and light it on fire.

The bodies begin burning, but this is like a courtyard out in front of the office building, and there are people coming and going who could see the flames poking up. I try to block the view of the fire with another object, but some see it. I have to stand in front of them and wave my hand to cast a spell over them so they will see what is “normal” and not what’s really happening, and they continue on. But it doesn’t last long, so on some I have to do it a couple times. I’m also invisible to them the whole time, because I’m sort of just an observer here and not one of them.

Some guy is hurt. My cousin’s boyfriend, I think. She says they need to find someone who can help him. I say, I think I can heal. I think back. Yes, actually I can heal, because some time back there was a man I was torturing to near death and had to keep healing his wounds to bring him back to life.

She was a little shocked by this. However, I could heal, and that was the important thing.

I said I’m like a witch. I’m unsure exactly why I’m powerful, only that I am.

I start moving away, and on the other side of a dark, extradimensional tunnel I find myself with a couple men who are seated at a stone table. I want to go back. One, my superior, wants me to stay and says, “We have a lot of work to do here,” meaning me also.

“But,” he says, “go ahead and take a minute.”

By “a minute” he means much longer than that. I realize that I’m not a witch. These men and I are gods. I return the way I came and wake up.

My Thoughts

Pretty much the entire run of this dream was something I was aware of as being a dream but allowed to continue for entertainment’s sake, wanting to see how it would play out.

I knew I had ultimate control over it, and that’s why I did things like the Jedi mind trick. At times I was concerned about my safety, but at other times I knew it was just a story.