I started doing some odd timed naps the last couple days to give lucid dreaming a try and see where I’m at with it now. One quick “warm up” one a couple days ago that I don’t remember, some vivid imagery here and there, and one slightly longer one today that I’m sharing here.

Lucid Dream

After some time dreaming non-lucid, I’m blind and floating in the air, pushing off unknown stuff with my feet and hands. I can tell it isn’t my physical body touching anything, because I don’t have stuff like that close to me where I’m lying in my bed, and the way I’m pushing off surfaces.

Did I hear a voice? I thought I heard a woman say “Hi”.

I pause, wondering if I heard anything. “Hello?” I ask.

“Hi!” she replies.

That’s unusual. Most of the time these voices don’t respond after my first reply, and I wake up instead. I wonder how long I have her for…

We go on a dialogue for a while. The whole time I have trouble hearing her. Like I do often, as in this lucid dream from last year, I hear a crowd of voices, making it hard to hear her. Her voice is coming in my right ear, or from my right side. I plug my left ear, which helps a little. The noise is coming through both ears or neither, but that does help.

I can’t make out much of what she’s saying, besides something about energy and how she was watching a porno and it helped (as she laughs). She’s wrapping up and saying what we are going to do next time we meet, or something along those lines.

As this goes on, I see an image of my living room, but I know I’m still asleep because I’m in my bed, not lying in the living room.

“I’m dealing with a lot of noise over here,” I say. “I haven’t made out much of what you’re saying.”

“Thoughts racing in your head all day, distracting you?”

“Well I don’t mean during the day, but right now. I’m hearing a bunch of people making noise, and it’s drowning out what you’re saying. I’m plugging the other ear. It’s like a bunch of people talking, laughing and yelling so I can barely hear some words from you here and there. …By the way, who is this?” I feel hesitant and weird asking it, the way she was talking to me like I should know who she is.


Damnit. I wake up.

Awake Thoughts

I woke up to a bunch of emergency responders pulling by outside. Somebody died a few houses up the street.

I’m happy about the way I kept a good awareness of my current state and didn’t trick myself out of it by thinking I was awake at that point where I saw my living room, and sticking with the dialogue.

I didn’t think to try to shut out the voices mentally, instead of plugging my ear. Even if that occurred to me to try, I don’t think I would have tried it, at the risk of shutting her out too.

She might have had a point about what’s causing the noise.