This morning after peeing I lied back down to bed and visualized.

I entered a light hypnagogic state, which I do more often than full blown lucid dreams with complete environments.

Meditative State

I read a few words here and there in some book, keep losing it but keep seeing it again. I haven’t read anything from a physical book in a couple months, but of course lots on the computer on websites and documents.

One of the phrases has to do with copper, how it was phased out in favor of iron and steel. I don’t know anything about that. Other phrases I have trouble remembering as soon as I read them.

My Thoughts

I do this by being aware, partly noticing the blackness my closed eyes are getting, and as I look around, I feel like my physical eyes might be moving, but I think at some point it’s not, and my data stream switches over and my gaze is moving there.

It’s the movement that stimulates it, the same way movement stimulates your physical eyes into processing the changing data. So I notice what I’m seeing and I become physically alert to it, tensing up a little, and of course I lose it because it wasn’t physical sight and I snap back to physical awareness. And this happens over and over. So this is something I need to work on, and just changing my frame of mind so that I’m ok with sensing it without grasping it.

On another note, listen to Caroline Myss’s video below about intuition. It applies to lucid dreaming just as much, because it’s all data. Getting better at it is about learning to be honest about what you perceive, acknowledging all of it.

That’s how you start meditating. You don’t try to shut everything out. You do the opposite. You notice more and more, taking it all in, until you notice things that are not physical and are not your mind chattering.