I start in a dream of a snowboard trip gone bad because of weather. I’m by myself, but my fictional wife meets up with me and we’re in a hotel room. I already know at this point I’s a dream, but I try to go along with it. She disappears, and a pillow is looking at me disapprovingly.


I stop and think, wait, wait, I’m lucid, I’m lucid. I hold my arms out to my sides and kind of just stop and think about how aware I am that it’s a lucid dream and how much awareness I have so that I can just stop for a moment. I resolve to be careful and not let myself get caught up in the dream, to stay detached.

I toss the pillow out the window. The window breaks as it goes through, and then reforms like I want it to. So that went well. It’s my childhood home.

I turn and walk out the bedroom door. I feel strong vibrations, maybe even hear it, more than normal. So I’m pleased about that, and I wonder what it means, like if it’s because I haven’t done this in a while or the way I became lucid or what. I walk down the hallway and wave my arm through the wall just because I can. My arm goes through the wall with no resistance.

The hallway opens up to a scene on a coastal cliff I know, with that silvery dream light. A man is running, and I go stop him before he runs right off the cliff. I felt like he would have.

I look up and wonder how high I can jump, or if I can jump really high without losing the environment. I’m concerned I’ll lose my vision of the place and I’ll wake up. I feel this throughout the whole dream, like I’m just hanging on by my fingernails. I jump and it doesn’t work. I don’t go high and I start to lose it. Instead I start running, and I can get going kind of fast. It doesn’t turn into that slow running I’ve gotten in dreams where I don’t have enough gravity to propel myself forward. My steps are really long, but I’m going fast so I’m ok with it.

I’m in a sort of big park. I come across a procession of rhinos running pretty fast too. They’re like small mini human rhinos, and they’re now driving golf carts. I hop on top of one. He’s going all over the place, so I grab his snout to steer. He’s pissed off but I don’t care, he’s going nice and fast. But we’re going back the way I came. Finally I steer him towards a log laying across the ground and I hop off as his cart tips over. I wanted to injure him in the crash so he wouldn’t come after me. I’m sure he’s pissed though, so I run out of there.

I’m not sure how I can keep the environment stable other than to keep running around looking at new things, and I don’t feel the confidence that I can totally change the nature of it. It’s been a while since had a lucid dream, and I don’t want to give it up that easily.

I run into town and there’s a motorcycle club. I start redesigning his sign hanging outside for some reason. Then the rhino I angered comes in and I’m like, what is he doing here? Apparently he has connections. He gets the bikers on his side. Now I’m in trouble. I take off.

I’m back in a similar park as before. I think about jumping over to San Francisco, like it’s another spot in a video game I had played long ago that this dream world is. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. However, I feel like that’s the MOST likely thing I’ll be able to do without losing it. So I try to reappear there, but it’s hazy and only lasts a few seconds, and I lose it and wake up.