A Line of People

A small crowd of people comes into focus. They look like real people.

I’m not yet fully focused on them. I’m still transitioning. Their faces are not blurry or too dark. It’s more like I can’t fully “see” or process them yet because I’m not yet fully there. I pan to the right over more faces in the crowd as I start to become more there and see them better. I know I just have to be patient for a moment.

This slow transition happens sometimes as I enter lucid dreams more directly from a waking state. It can be faces, landscapes, a single object, whatever.

In less than a minute I lose it. Oh well, I got pretty far into it.

Island Lucid Dream

I’m on an island. I find myself in another area, and I want to get back to where I was a moment ago. I start running along the dirt road.

I become lucid and stop running. Why do I keep running around like this?

The answer comes to me: It’s because of the movement. The details appearing and moving by is how I stay anchored there. When I try to teleport, nothing happens, and I either wake up or lose lucidity.

So I start running again. I know this isn’t going to help me get anywhere. What should I do instead? I lose it in a moment.

Making a Call from the Void

I’m lucid in a room that feels like a suite in an office building, Maybe it feels that way because of the noise. People are talking nonstop. Maybe it’s just me talking to myself. Either way, if I’m going to be able to concentrate and do something, I need silence.

I walk to the edge of the white room and step through the wall into the blackness.

Instant silence in the void.

Wow, quite the contrast! I sense nothing at all but the sound of my physical body breathing deeply. This void thing is a little hard to work with. I thought it would be good, but I have nothing at all to anchor onto to help me avoid waking up.

I start turning back into the noisy white area. I stop at the edge. Nah, the noise is worse. Let’s just be quick about this and see if I can stay asleep.

I clasp my hands together. I sense my body lying in bed, but I feel my hands clasping also. That’s a good sign. I must be still asleep enough if I can sense my non-physical self here.

I reach out mentally to try to contact anyone.

I get a reply. Astral Travelers Network. Is that the name of the organization I’m connecting to? I sense a woman on the other end, and other people around her. They’re all super excited to have heard from me. The feeling is like that of scientists at NASA suddenly hearing a radio transmission from deep space.

Another name I get is Astral Coalescence.

I give them my first name and phone number. Maybe they can contact me later?

I feel like my message isn’t getting through right. I try typing out my phone number on my keyboard. I can remember my phone number fine, but I keep making mistakes trying to hit the right numbers.

Notes After Waking

I Googled both names. Nothing came up. No strange phone calls. Well, there were some calls, but I get a ton of robo-calls and don’t answer the phone from unknown numbers. No voicemails other than those.

Reaching out in this way specifically isn’t one of my current intentions. I might have actually tried doing something else, and it turned into that. I don’t remember.