I’m running around some wilderness, all over the place, just for the sake of covering ground and checking out the dream environment. I run up a hill and have to keep stopping to rest for a few seconds.

I stop and think, Why am I resting? It’s a habit that doesn’t make sense here. I can keep running here without resting, because there is no physical movement. In fact, why am I going through the motions of running? I stop moving my arms and legs. I don’t need them.

In fact, I don’t even need to move along the ground. I leave the ground and fly. I feel my hands clasped idly behind my back, out of the way. I ignore my hands and think of my astral body as nothing more than a ball of light. I fly over many hills, watching with satisfaction the forest below pass by.

It looked like this, a tunnel vision view of the forest below me

I keep moving through the air, not knowing or caring where I’m going, but intent to get somewhere. I reach a point where my perceptions hit a wall. I see overlapping, overlaying images as if I’ve run off the edge of a map in a video game and have to turn around. I’m at the shore of an ocean. I look around at the beach. I guess I need somewhere else to go.

Now I’m at my ex-gf’s house. Within the house I remember she had secret doorways and trap doors hidden under rugs that lead to tunnels, each of which goes to another bedroom.

At this point I’m less lucid, getting wrapped up in false memories.

It feels like there’s someone else present who I’m talking to, showing around. I can’t find the tunnels, but I did find a small stand-alone shack off into the woods a bit, which is a bathroom inside. Two people are leaving it. They left the lights on. I know they can’t see me, because I’m not physical, so I go in to turn the lights off. I stand at the door and wave my hand, knowing that I have control over the dream. I have to wave my hand to the left to turn them off, and I’m having trouble getting all of them to turn off together. Finally I do it.