I woke up at 4AM, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I finally got up at 5. I took a shower, had breakfast, and went back to bed.


I’m a guest in someone’s mansion. A noise started blasting, and I was like, is that my phone alarm? I go looking for my phone, pick it up, and the screen is blindingly bright. I can’t see anything on it. I can’t even see my hand in front of it. After a moment I realize this isn’t right, that I’m in a dream, and I let the dream go.


I stand there, feeling my feet on the floor. I jump up towards the ceiling and float down softly, to confirm it’s a dream. My eyes blink open, and I see a different scene that I don’t have time to process, so I keep them shut. So I’m blind. (I think it was my physical eyes opening, which would have killed the experience).

Next step, drawing the sigil that Kevin and Rachael made!

I leap forward, head first, reaching my arms out to touch the window. It was a nice big window. I can’t actually see it, because I’m still blind, but I commence drawing the first parts. I can’t remember how all of it goes. I start to see the surface I’m drawing on. The triangles I start drawing are kind of messy and too close together. Not going well. I give up, get lost in a dream for a moment, and wake up.

My Thoughts

In retrospect, it was the same shit job that anyone does trying to draw a good round circle on a whiteboard free-hand. It can’t be done. A whiteboard would have been better than a window, and I guess I felt like a big window was kind of there in the dream I had been in, even though I knew when jumping out to touch it that I was creating it. Also, I had only drawn the sigil physically once, the night before. My memory of the sigil was about as poor when I woke, that is, I didn’t do any poorer a job remembering it in the dream. So I’ll draw it again and next time I’m lucid I’ll just do it on a piece of paper like a normal person.