Talking to an Unseen Woman

I started doing some odd timed naps the last couple days to give lucid dreaming a try and see where I’m at with it now. One quick “warm up” one a couple days ago that I don’t remember, some vivid imagery here and there, and one slightly longer one today [...]

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Contacting a Friend Who Passed

A friend died in an accident. I was curious about some details that I didn't witness. 10 days later I was able to get lucid and reach out to him. First Call I become lucid and step out of bed. I say his name and reach out mentally, as if [...]

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Astral Travelers Network

A Line of People A small crowd of people comes into focus. They look like real people. I'm not yet fully focused on them. I'm still transitioning. Their faces are not blurry or too dark. It's more like I can't fully "see" or process them yet because I'm not yet [...]

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Rocketing and Movement Practice

Floating with Control I'm floating around above a forested, mountainous area in Italy. No idea where; I've never been there. I'll practice flying around! I sometimes have trouble moving around in a dream environment, where I will try to walk or fly or teleport but my perspective doesn't change. I'm [...]

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Giving the twist-out method a shot

Two experiences to share. I woke up in the morning and had a good opportunity to go back to bed right after to give lucid dreaming a try. Lucid Dream 1 - Walking through walls I find myself in a small structure on a dock. Other people are in the [...]

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A Story of Spells

A Couple Lucid Dreams #1  - I wake up and open my eyes. I'm hanging off the windowsill outside of a tall building.  Well, this isn't where I should be waking up, so this is a dream. That's weird. I just opened my eyes like I'm waking up in the [...]

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Calling for Help Within a Lucid Dream

In my ongoing quest to move past the lucid dream state and enter into a more objective reality with real beings or places, my latest task is to call for help while in a lucid dream, either from my higher self as Monroe did, or frankly from anyone who might [...]

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