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Rocketing and Movement Practice

Floating with Control I'm floating around above a forested, mountainous area in Italy. No idea where; I've never been there. I'll practice flying around! I sometimes have trouble moving around in a dream environment, where I will try to walk or fly or teleport but my perspective doesn't change. I'm [...]

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Giving the twist-out method a shot

Two experiences to share. I woke up in the morning and had a good opportunity to go back to bed right after to give lucid dreaming a try. Lucid Dream 1 - Walking through walls I find myself in a small structure on a dock. Other people are in the [...]

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Hearing My Own Breath Beside Me

Lying down, I heard the sound of my own breath next to me, as if it were another person. I moved to see if I could stand up out of my body, and the breathing sound was replaced by the more familiar sound of my own breath as I hear [...]

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Meditating in a Lucid Dream

This happened maybe 4 hours into my sleep last night. I had a margarita and Mexican food yesterday evening.  Lucid Dream I'm supposed to get into a swordfight with a friend, using samurai swords. I feel like I used to use the sword a lot but have given it up [...]

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The Void and Experiments in Separating

Lucid Dream (Last Week) It starts in the void. I shift my feet to feel whether they are standing on something. I feel the ground, but nothing appears around me. After a moment of waiting, still nothing happened. I tried reaching out instead to feel the things around me in [...]

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Jumping off Balcony

First, a little background on method. That’s what important, right? Last night as I woke once I bolted up and put my feet on the floor. I looked around. Definitely physically awake. Or that was my conclusion. Looking back, I don’t know for sure. Anyway, then I went back to [...]

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