Two experiences to share.

I woke up in the morning and had a good opportunity to go back to bed right after to give lucid dreaming a try.

Lucid Dream 1 – Walking through walls

I find myself in a small structure on a dock. Other people are in the room too.

I can’t remember in the moment what I wanted to do. Something about finding a way out of the dream environment and into the astral plane. I try to remember, pacing around, walking through the wall a couple times by instinct. At least that much has gotten instinctual where I don’t even question whether I can do it.

I get a weird idea in my head about passing through the wall sideways. I find the old familiar pull of my body, the type where it’s hard to separate from your apparent physical body lying in bed as you step out of body. But the pull is towards something in the structure, maybe where I’m imagining my body to be.

I’m confused about the nature of the pull, because I don’t normally get it, and certainly not all of a sudden in the middle of a dream.

Regardless, I pull against it, pulling myself away from the structure. As I do so, a dream character does the same thing, like we’re doing it together. I don’t know what that’s all about.

I come across a black rope that people are holding onto to help pull themselves up a hill. I do the same. At this point I’ve lost lucidity.

Next Day, Awake

I go to sleep on the floor, just to get myself into a different position than sleeping in my bed so that I can concentrate on lucid dreaming and hopefully sleep for shorter periods to help get into it.

Lucid Dream 2 – Twist Method

I become conscious and sense something that suggests that this is a good point to stand up and lucid dream.

I begin to move and feel the separation of my body.

Sweet, I did it!

I’m always happy about that.

I stand up effortlessly. I’m in a bedroom at the top of a flight of stairs. I walk down the stairs to the next landing. I stop.

Hold on, I need to focus. What was I going to do?… Ah yes, now I remember!

I take a few seconds to breathe in and pull myself together. It feels really nice. I feel a big burst of happiness and confidence from that.

As planned, the next step is to perform the twist-myself-awake method, but see if I can do it without waking up physically, and to check afterwards to make sure I know whether I’m physically awake or not. The idea is I might be able to slip out of my dream world and into the astral plane.

I do the twist-out method… and something happens. I fall to my knees. I’m back upstairs by the bed. Hmm, not exactly where I was aiming.

I lose lucidity from here.


Well, that was worth a shot. The breathing-myself-in method always seems to help me clear my head, and this time it felt really good. So it has to be good. I’m going to focus on that more. I need to change internally if I expect to succeed in this. It isn’t about twisting or moving in a certain way. At least, not yet. I need to drop all my resistance so that I can be capable of moving to where I want to.