My friend “Alyson” and I were near South Lake Tahoe in a motel room (two beds). I had trouble sleeping. We had been drinking a lot of wine, for whatever that’s worth. The below happened in the early hours of the morning.


I’m in a semi conscious dream state and become lucid as I start paying attention to what’s around me. I’m in the motel room.

I walk outside and it’s dark. It looks different than it does physically. I’m unsure about it, so I try jumping a couple times. I don’t float slowly back to the ground, so I don’t get confirmation. I feel like it’s a dream but I’d like to confirm it. It fades away.

I hold onto it, standing up out of my body again to re-enter the lucid dream, and walk to the door. I have a little trouble with getting myself out the door, but I do it. Looks the same as before, I guess. Still dark, with some lights around. I want to fly, but the idea sounds dangerous, just leaping headfirst like that, like I’ll hit the ground at high speed and get hurt. I decide on some smaller jumps first. I plan on leaping up to a hill out in front of me. I do some kind of jump that keeps me in the air for a moment, but I don’t get anywhere. It fades again.

I leave my body again, re-entering the lucid dream, and walk to the door. I have a little trouble opening it and walking out again, like things aren’t responding to me. I sort of figure out an easier way to make sure I can see the door opening and be able to walk outside. I don’t remember exactly, but something to do with being ok with the world outside being black as I open the door and just walking out into the blackness, which transforms into the world outside as soon as I do it. I run over towards the restaurant and lounge area, and I end up running into the men’s locker room. I run through that and end up in the women’s locker room. It’s like a gym. I find a pretty girl. It fades.

I get up out of my body again, but this time I’m feeling groggy and my vision is blurry. I take that as a sign that I’m actually awake and this one isn’t a dream.  I walk over to Alyson’s bed and tell her what happened.

Oops, I wasn’t awake yet.


As we get up and get ready for the day I tell her about the dream, but she isn’t interested.