These were both quick. The first was just during a seated meditation. I wasn’t completely there.

#1 – Kind of like the “quick-switch”

I’m walking along and run into a wolf guarding the path up a mountain.

In the air I see a black band, or rope, stretching out from me, arcing high into the air towards the mountain. It keeps expanding in length. The end of the ribbon starts to come down towards the top of the mountain.

“You will not pass by me,” the wolf says.

The mountaintop is far away and hard to tell if it touched yet. If it does touch, I have a feeling that I’m going to instantly travel there, like I just need the connection to snap myself up there.

The wolf continues, “It’s impossible for you to go any furthe –“

His voice cuts off.

It happens so quickly. The band hits the mountaintop and I snap right up there before the wolf knows what happened.

This is the top of the hiking path that snakes up the mountain. I look around, then I come back to physical consciousness.

#2 – Miaii Federation

I roll out of bed, blind, aware that I’m non physical.

The plan is to travel beyond my dream world by gathering enough of my energy to fire myself off like a rocket, the idea being that the high energetic force of the movement is what makes it happen. Maybe it’s moving fast enough to escape the dream world’s gravity, or like moving so fast in a video game that the software can’t render enough environment to keep up with you, and you end up outside of it.

I try to gather energy by pulling it up through my body, but nothing is there. Maybe that only works with my physical body.

Instead, I create an intense positive emotion and feel the energy gathering. I let it swell up as I think of the Miaii Federation, where I’m going to try traveling to. Kevin says it’s far. That shouldn’t matter. I just need a lock on it.

I fire myself off as powerfully as possible, shooting through space. I’m moving so fast that I can’t get my arms up from my sides to out in front of me.

With some effort, I get my arms in front and point at where i want to go.

I arrive at an Earth-like planet, as seen from outer space.

All I get is a glimpse of it before I fade out.

Waking Notes

The traveling method to the mountaintop has similarities to Robert Monroe’s “quick switch” method that he describes in Ultimate Journey. He would stretch a part of himself out like a rubber band, make a connection to where he wanted to go, and then let go at the starting point, snapping himself to the destination. But I was just traversing my dream world with it. Maybe I can jump outside of it the same way.

The second traveling method, trying to get to the Miaii Federation, was different. I have no idea how successful it was. Worth trying again.