I’m in a high school. I’m not lucid yet. I’m wandering around, confused and unsure about what class I should be in. 

I open a door and peek inside. It’s the gym. A bunch of girls are playing basketball.  I enter and walk through the gym to the back room. I understand this is a dream, but I’m foggy about my direction.

I need to focus.

What is it I was going to do, again?

I enter the back room, which is a locker room. An acquaintance is there.

I become more lucid, and as usually happens, I feel weird that the dream continues despite the fact that I’m lucid. I feel like it should fade away or something, but nothing changes at all. 

“We’re in a lucid dream,” I explain to him, with some obvious limits to my lucidity as I feel the need to explain this to a dream character.

I’m not really interested in interacting with him, however. My goal, as far as I can remember, is to enter into people’s minds. I start walking up the stairs, planning on taking a walkway that goes up around the inside of the locker room and back out above the basketball court. From that vantage point I can see everyone better and do what I need to do. 

“Actually,” I recall as I start walking up the stairs, “We met in this same spot last time.” (As of waking I don’t remember any such event)

He immediately nods in recollection of having met there before. “Right,” he says.

I further explain, “I’m working on some stuff, and now I’m going to… What was it I wanted to do… There was something…”

I have trouble remembering any of the latest tasks I had set for myself the last few days. The best I can do is the idea that I want to enter or control people’s minds.

Some violent guy appears and runs towards me. I lash out with my mind, heating up his brain. In a few seconds he stumbles and falls to the ground, unconscious. I cool his brain back down to avoid killing him.


I didn’t really set any clear, specific tasks recently. No wonder I couldn’t remember what it was I was supposed to do.

I had the idea in the dream that I wanted to enter into people’s minds or something, but I don’t know exactly what that was about. Maybe it was a bad memory of one overarching goal of mine of connecting with real people who might be dreaming, and I got confused about that with my limited lucidity. 

Next Task

So my next task I’ve worked out sounds a bit involved as I write it. The thing is, I’ve done most of these steps at various times already, so the task I have in mind is really only the last couple steps, with the preceding steps being presumably necessary or helpful – at least for now – for me to reliably get there.

Next task as follows…

First, enter a lucid dream while in a dream or otherwise asleep, to anchor myself into the sleeping state so that I don’t wake up too quickly. This will involve either entering into a dream from the void while asleep, or doing a wake-induced process, or becoming lucid in a dream I’m already in. It doesn’t seem to matter which of those angles I enter into it from, as long as I get there.

Next, stand and take a deep breath in to bring the rest of myself more fully present there, so that I can access my waking memories and intentions.

Next, do a twist-move beyond the dream, my intention set towards the closest real being or objective non-physical environment that I can quickly get to, whatever that may be. This is a type of non-physical movement I’ve instinctively done whenever I’m in the last moment of inescapable “mortal” danger in a non-lucid dream, to wake myself physically. Sometimes I wake and sometimes I shift myself into a completely different dream. So either might happen. I haven’t actually tried doing this movement from a calm state, but it occurred to me that I should be able to.

If I pop into what seems to be another dream environment I’ll do the twist-movement and intention again and again and keep moving until I find something convincing, lose lucidity, or wake physically.