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Stabilizing the Dream Environment

I did the Wake/Back-to-Bed (WBTB) entry technique again. My ability to be lucid is better in this last segment of sleep when I can interrupt my sleep by being alert for a moment. As usual, getting up briefly after the first 6 hours was purely a result of my need [...]

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Some Partially Lucid Dreams

I hurt my back yesterday and was laying in bed this morning for an extra few hours to recuperate, going in and out of dreams. Lucid Dream I'm sitting in a large living room of an unfamiliar house with the lucid dreaming group. We're talking about scheduling the next meeting [...]

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Visiting My Old Backyard

Around 3 AM, after 6 hours sleep. I'm in a dream and lying in my current bed, my body oriented the same way as my body is physically (upside down, with my feet at the headboard), but it's with my whole dream group all gathered together sleeping in the bed.  [...]

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New website launched!

Hi everyone! I just launched this site today. Hopefully this will be the start of something great and will help motivate me to have more frequent projection experiences for me to experiment in and share with you. I published and backdated a bunch of blog posts taken from my private [...]

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A Portal Opens

I woke up to an alarm at 4am. I pooped and went back to bed. I briefly went through the exercises of twisting my arms and body around and imagining myself standing on the floor and walking. I drift in and out, feeling my breathing getting deep and steady and [...]

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