Around 3 AM, after 6 hours sleep.

I’m in a dream and lying in my current bed, my body oriented the same way as my body is physically (upside down, with my feet at the headboard), but it’s with my whole dream group all gathered together sleeping in the bed. 

I try to start a projection by focusing on my chest. Immediately I feel my heart pounding heavily.

That’s weird, I think. I don’t remember that happening before.

In a few seconds my heart pounding stops and I feel a sensation of a flame being snuffed out and things solidifying.

What is this? Where am I now? Oh, I’m awake! Well, I can probably try again.

I focus on my chest again, starting the ethereal, soft vibration feeling there and letting it spread. 

Quickly I’m out.

I start semi-lucid and I think about how I’ll never be in the backyard again of the house I grew up in. It borders a forest and it’s a nice large peaceful place on the outskirts of town.

Actually, I can visit there now and check it out!

I walk through a doorway. 


I step through, out the door of my old house, and go into the large backyard.

It looks similar to what it used to. But on one edge there is a white van with no wheels propped up on blocks. 

Come on, that doesn’t need to be here! These new owners are turning it into a redneck yard!

The tree on the far side of the yard has problems. I walk over and inspect it closely. It’s like it has a thick layer of concrete messily rubbed on this side of it. 

I wonder what it means? Maybe they’ve built something here, or they did something objectionable to the tree? I’m going to have to check it out in Google Earth when I wake and see if anything matches.

I lose it and wake up.


I’m very awake, but if I did it once, I could try again. It seems so doubtful, the way I feel so much here now, the possibility of jumping back there seems unlikely.

But I try anyway, taking a couple breaths and focusing on my chest, and it only takes a moment to feel some soft vibrations.


I walk through a doorway and I’m in my old bedroom. 

Ok, so it seems to be the right place. There’s my old bed. I never took it when my parents sold the place, so I don’t recall if they left it there or what.

I walk through the window and enter the backyard. 

This time it’s different. There’s that silver dream light. The grass is yellow and dead. Very neglected. The tree I saw before doesn’t have that concrete disease stuff on it.

My vision fades away. But I can still feel my feet on the grass. I take some steps. I still feel it. I crouch down and feel the dead grass with my hands. In a moment my vision comes back.

On the side of the house, partially obscured by the carport, is a large wide dead tree. Did they let that thing die? Wait, is there even supposed to be a tree there? I walk over around the carport to check it out. 

Before I get there, a few owls are carrying a large log through the air above me. Where are they going? Why would they be helping like that instead of acting like regular birds? 

They disappear with the log across the yard into a large bunch of bushes that are also new. I walk to the edge, and it’s very thick. I hear murmurings like a bunch of fairies talking or something. Really weird sound. I can’t make anything out. I keep listening, and it continues.

What in the world? I have to find whatever this is.

I’m in control here, and this thick brush should be no problem.

I dive deep into the bushes, flying straight forward, not letting anything stop me. I arrive at where the sounds seem to be coming from. I look around, turn my head around, and then put my head against the ground. The murmuring sound seems to be right here where I’m standing.

I see a square opening down in a hole, like a portal or a hatch. I try to jump in. I jump into the hole. But I’m not moving. The square portal is still in the same spot in front of me. I get myself to the lip of the hole and push against the dirt to push myself over the lip and into the hole. I end up just pushing dirt around, and the portal isn’t getting any closer. 

Why isn’t this working?

Oops, I’m awake! I’ve been staring at this painting on the wall of my bedroom. It’s dark, and I couldn’t tell what it was, other than it was square shaped. My eyes have been open and I was still halfway in the lucid dream, interpreting the painting as an object in the dream.