I was lying in bed after about 7 hours of sleep and after some time tossing around I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was maxed out on sleep.

A beam of light came from my right side. I opened my eyes and nothing was there. Ah, it wasn’t from here. I got up, went pee, and lied down again for a minute to go into it.


I’m staring at a computer screen, barely aware of the fact. I’ve been staring at it for a moment. It takes some time to transition. I look around the screen, the keyboard, the desk, and let the details fill out. Looks pretty good. Finally I’m standing there in front of it. 

I look around the office. Yep, this isn’t my apartment. I’m definitely out. It’s an interesting design, an office with a door on one side, and a half-wall – rather than a window – facing towards the larger open office area. 

I feel very tenuous. This isn’t likely to last long. Oops, there it goes…

Re-Entry 1

I wake up and go into it again.

I’m in a park and instinctively walk through a wall into a public restroom. It’s a very nice one, stone floors and walls, clean. I need to try contacting Rachael. Is anyone else in the bathroom with me? I lower my head to peek under the line of stalls, and I see some huge boots in one of them. So I’m not alone. I’m gonna feel a little weird drawing Rachael’s sigil and making noises with him there (obviously my lucidity is lacking here).

That’s ok, I could do it anyway… Nah, I’ll just get out of here and find some privacy. 

I walk through the doorway to the outside, and as I walk through, a tiny young girl goes flying through the air inside the bathroom, right across where I just walked. I turn around and reach out and catch her as she flies by.

She says something unintelligible.

“What?” I ask her. Her body is just hanging over my outstretched right arm.

She mumbles something and then hangs forward limply over my arm.

Whatever. I drop her and turn around to continue my walk. 

Before I can do anything, a husky teenage girl comes running and yelling from the cornfield. She runs towards me, reaches out her hands, and I catch her away from my body in my outstretched hands. She’s as annoying as the other one. I throw her to the ground and start to turn on my way, but I lose it…

Re-Entry 2

I wake up and go in again.

I’m in a similarly building as the bathroom, maybe an extension of it. Nice stone walls again. 

Ok, I’ve got to just try the sigil here quickly. Every once of these feels like I’m about to slip away. This looks like a nice quiet and stable spot.

I stand in front of the wall and wait for the sigil to pop out at me. Nothing happens. 

I get impatient and start drawing it on the wall. I get most of it but forget the lines around the outside. I figure I’m done.

I feel like I’m being watched. But that’s ok. Giggling gleefully, I slam my hand against the face of the sigil to activate it, pouring my emotion into it. Oops, too much. I wake myself up.


Maybe I had too much sleep. I just wasn’t able to stay there.

Man, I still feel like I’m being watched. Not a nice feeling. I lie there a while longer, glancing around my dark apartment. I might as well get up. I don’t like this.