I woke up at around 6am. I got up, peed, drank water, became a little alert and went back to sleep.

I woke up again soon and tried the cycling techniques. First rolling back and forth, actually moving my eyes I think back and forth. Then visualizing. Then imagining moving my hands in front of me. I was out pretty quick, on the first cycle.


I quickly stand up from the couch and start walking around towards the kitchen. I feel the vibration on my hands but it’s very slight and I think I’m physical.

I look back towards my body and instantly I see the pillow in front of my face where my body is lying. Oops!! I had returned to physical awareness. Monroe’s warnings about thinking about your physical body seem to be true.


I have a light buzzing / vibration sensation in my hands. I repeat the cycling and quickly am nonphysical again.

I stand up again easily and look around. I walk outside my front door.

I hear a baby crying. I look up at my neighbor’s windows and don’t see anyone. I’m curious because my neighbors don’t have a baby. I consider that I might not have much time if I try to go outside and start walking around. I walk over to my patio door inside, look out the open drapes, and try to teleport to the plaza at the bottom of the hill I live on, the first nearby place I think of.

I close my eyes briefly to it, but when I open them I’m staring at my physical pillow in front of my face again. Doh!

I have a sensation of buzzing from my hands again

Re-Entry Again

Well that’s ok, I’m still feeling myself nonphysically standing by the patio door. I am patient and wait for my vision to become nonphysical. In a moment it comes back. Shortly I lose it again and see my pillow.

I try the cycling procedure again but don’t get anywhere.

My Thoughts

I should remember to ask for guidance from my higher self, as Monroe suggested.

And DON’T close my eyes! I can move or get help without closing my eyes nonphysically.

Standing up was so effortless. When I stood up physically later it was much slower and more effortful and groggy. I’m always so alert in nonphysical reality, so I think there’s something to that whole thing of mentally waking for a moment early in the morning and then laying back down to sleep just a little bit (ie: the Wake and Back To Bed technique, WBTB). That little bit of sleep seems to be how I always do it, not after or during a long sleep.

I had a fairly good memory of my physical life facts. I knew my neighbors didn’t have a baby. The baby I heard I believe was physically the baby of the neighbors that live on the other side of me. My body and head position physically was such that that could very well be the direction it came from, up and to the right.