I become aware and stand up out of my body.

I feel the rug under my feet. My physical eyes appear to be open, staring at some furniture in front of where I’m lying, and it’s disorienting, but I stand and walk around on the rug in my living room waiting for my vision to adjust to the nonphysical environment.

I feel something in my hand and drop it. I think maybe I’ll need it, so I pick it up again and put it in my pocket.

I try jumping through the ceiling, and I hit the ceiling and feel myself start to sink through it, but I give up and drop back down to just wait for a moment.

My vision adjusts to the nonphysical environment and a new scene appears around me. Lots of grass, hills, and a few large creatures, maybe elephants, wandering about. I run around looking for people. I lose awareness.


Shortly after the first one it happens again. I stand up in my living room and wait for my vision to adjust.

This time I start paying attention to my breathing too much and I’m back to physical awareness.

My Thoughts

I’ve had the intention for a while of catching myself when I wake during the night and trying to stand up out of my physical body. I had suspected that many of my wakings during the night were non physical, and this proved to be the case twice last night.

I hope to keep trying to exit every time I “wake” during the night.