It started with a dream. I was making out with a girl and then remembered there was some stuff I was supposed to be doing.


I tried San Felipe Park last time, and I had decided to alternate tasks, so I’ll start with the sigil this time.

I’ve been in a dream out on a street, like a European street with no cars and just people walking around, and vendors. Immediately I spot a piece of blank wall I can draw on.

I start drawing the sigil and it doesn’t go extraordinarily well. It gets too large, and by the time I’m drawing the lines on the outside it’s huge and I don’t have enough space. I try again, and use a pen of some sort this time so that it actually leaves a mark. Again it doesn’t go well halfway through. I also get the middle part wrong, drawing a triangle instead of a circle with a curved line through it.

Then I try just looking around to spot the sigil on some wall or some paper or whatever. A man is on the side of the street with a table and a binder on it. I open it up and don’t see my sigil there either. This is turning into another game of looking or something I never find.

I figure I’ll give the park a shot. I stand in the street and let the environment slowly fade away. I think of the park and wait for it to appear around me. It doesn’t. I wake up.

My Thoughts

Next time I’m going to imagine the sigil being invisible, but there, and slowly coming into view, first very light, then darker and darker. I have to believe it’s there.