I started in a dream where I was going through some kind of weird fast food line and I was getting pissed off about being charged $110 instead of $5 and was waiting for the manager to correct it. It turned out I had grabbed someone else’s receipt and everything was fine.

I became lucid but but lacked self control. I found a girl in the restaurant I started kissing. Then I slapped her hard in the face, making her recoil over but then stand straight up again as if nothing had happened. I slapped her hard again.


I remember I have things I need to do. I want to draw the sigil but can’t remember what that new method was I had decided on.

After a moment I woke up.

My Thoughts

It took me a moment to remember that I want to try imagining the sigil slowly fading into view in one spot, being patient and giving it time. I also really should study the sigil again to get it fresh in my mind.