I had a regular dream first. I think a kid was attacked or killed. I went to a guy’s house that lived near me. He had a bunch of other people over, and I kind of waltz right in even though I don’t know him and wasn’t invited.

At the end of the dream I was hanging out with my friend “Alyson”. She disappeared. I went looking for her.


I realize I’m in a dream, and this is my opportunity to visit the park our dream group meets at, to leave an object and find any object that someone else left, like we had planned in the group. I look around, still disappointed I can’t find Alyson, but I figure I can’t waste this opportunity.

So I need to shift away from here and to the park. I start turning around, waiting for the environment to change to the park, as per Felicity’s suggestion, but it doesn’t work. I can’t manage to walk through the wall. I close my eyes and walk through the wall that way. My vision is black, so I wait a moment and think of the park.

I arrive there, but there are people all over the place. Where am I going to place something where none of them will find it and run off with it? So my lucidity isn’t all there, as I should realize these aren’t real people.

I get a hold of a piece of plastic, like a candy wrapper or something, and try wedging it into a drainage grate that’s in the middle of the grass.

I feel like that isn’t going to stay, so I pick up a couple larger objects. One is a large brick. The other is either a rock or a chunk of wood, same size, about a foot long. I look around for a place to hide it.

I hear some noise, my neighbor starting his truck I think. But I note that it doesn’t wake me up, which I’m happy about.

There’s a band playing over on the side. I go hiding the objects behind them, partially burying them in the sand.

I slip away and am disappointed. I’m fully awake and don’t think I can get back into it.


I check the clock. 1:30. The noise probably was indeed my neighbor going to work. The park I was at didn’t look totally the same.

A few days later our group met, and I walked over to where the band had been playing in the dream, behind a structure, looking for the wood/rock. In the grass, among no other rocks or wood laying around, I found a matching piece of wood, laying right about where I expected, the same size and shape as in the dream. Very interesting.

I also found a few candy wrappers in the same spot.

I walked around looking for drainage grates. There were some, but not where I expected, and they did not have a candy wrapper jammed into them. The grates I had seen before. I had never before walked to where I found the wood and candy wrappers.