So this isn’t my first experience lucid dreaming. I’ve had these types of experiences since I was a kid, and several short experiences recently after having read some books on the topic.

Only now have I started to log them and make an effort to get better at it.


I am in a room, lucid, and try launching myself upwards into the sky, with a loud grunt. I have some success but feel like I’m not getting as high as I want to. I feel like part of me is in the sky but I’m mostly still standing in the room and am not succeeding in flying.

I lose some lucidity and take apart a water pipe junction, on a pipe leading to elsewhere in the building, and the pieces I get are an O ring, a plastic washer, and a couple safety rings.

Now I’m lying in bed with those items next to me. I’m concerned if I leave my body that I’ll lose those parts as my other body gets up and disturbs the parts. Strange convoluted mess.

My Thoughts

I think that next time I’ll work on leaving the area as a change within myself. There is no a location that I need to fly up to, or at least I don’t think so. It’s about what’s going on within myself and what I encounter within myself. Changing my location is a matter of what I’m thinking.