I am in a room and am unsure whether I am physically awake.

I feel the light vibration around my body that confirms I am asleep. But I don’t want to go jumping out a window and kill myself if I’m wrong. So I fall backwards a couple times to the floor. I’m not hitting the floor as hard as I should. So that pretty well confirms it. I walk up to the wall and put my hand against it to see if I could move through it. My hand and body slowly sink through it.

On the other side is the same room, with the same door. I think I’m seeing the same place again because moving is something I do with my mind, and moving my nonphysical body like that doesn’t change where I am.

I consider thinking of another place next time I go through a wall, and perhaps I will be some place different and more interesting.

I go running around looking for something interesting. I’m intensely excited to see each person I run by on a path. I saw hi to some, but they’re all going the other direction or are busy with something off the trail.

I lose lucidity and get lost in a dream.

My Thoughts

Next time I will look around and ask what this room represents. Each person I encounter I will ask if they’re real. I will ask for assistance in understanding where I am and what I could do next that will benefit me.