I got up at 4am naturally and took a shower, got dressed, went back to bed.


It begins in a dream. I’m sitting in the back seat of a car. There are 3 others in the car.

I almost start to interact with the people in the car, but I stop myself and assert that this is an illusion. I breathe, rise up from my seat, and take control.


I spot a place on the ground a hundred feet away and concentrate on standing there. Instant teleportation never works for me, but I did levitate out of the car and over onto the spot I was concentrating on.

I know there are a few things I want to do. The first thing I think of is the sigil, and I can remember it. I smooth out a spot on the sand with my foot to draw it on. As I’m doing it I’m finding it’s unnecessary and I’m just disturbing the sand.

I get on my knees and prepare to draw it, but I feel myself slipping away already. Not just the environment fading, but a feeling I have within myself that I recognize as losing the dream. I try to hold it. I wonder if that’s happening because I had shifted my attention to the sigil and away from this environment. So I concentrate on the sand and what’s around me, but I slip away further and I’m not able to get it to stabilize again.

My Thoughts

Next time I should just keep concentrating on the sigil and not worry about the environment fading. Maybe something was changing as a result of the sigil already.